Eggroll Palace specializes in a variety of eggrolls from traditional styles to asian

american fusion eggrolls. Our eggrolls are deep fried to a golden crisp, served

with your choice of sauce.


We are home of the Eggroll Bowl!

The Eggroll Bowl is a healthier alternative to a deep fried eggroll.  It contains all the fixings of an eggroll, just in a bowl! It will be a delight with your first bite!


​Eggroll Palace values our customers and it is our job to make your experience a little bit better!  We believe our greatest assets are our customers and we Thank You!


We offer Gluten Free Traditional Eggrolls! We use a rice paper wrapper instead of the traditional wrapper.  The wrapper comes out a little bubblier but just as delicious!

We ask all Gluten Free Eggroll Orders be called in, since they are made to order.  Gluten Free Orders are not available from the hours of 11am - 1pm.